Juliet Asante discovered the power of storytelling during a crisis in her early teens. She suffered an infirmity that left her wheel-chair bound.
In the twenty years of the favour of my God to live and to gather a wealth of life experience, I have come to real terms with the life's gospel that '
A story is being told of a peasant farmer who lived in the hinterlands. This farmer who felt the pangs of neglect every blessed day was living alone.
Let us face it, though, Ex-President Mahama may have a valid point when he recently poured his heart out to Ghanaians
Many friends who often read me on Facebook do not understand why I support Afia Schwarzenegger in this trying times.
The recent troubles with financial institutions in Ghana and the losing of trust in the financial system call for urgent measures
Funny Face's recent marital issue has exposed the sex life of most men...in reality; most men are in the normal range of 2 to 10 minutes.
Are you waking up more than once during the night to urinate?
A month ago, the Diaspora Homecoming Summit was held in Accra with the aim of mobilising Ghanaians living abroad to invest in the country
A few years ago I attended a wedding reception where the groom gave himself an anti-climax to the celebration. He had asked the MC to allow him sing
Growing up, I fantasized a lot about how grand I will love my wedding to be in the future. Talk of the glamour, the crowd
When considering what it takes to succeed at work, we often focus on innate strengths: high intelligence, the ability to learn
I am beginning to wonder if the NDC apparatchiks have shame in their lexicons. The NDC in government, created, looted and shared the booty
Friday, September 1 is the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha, and it is a national holiday in Ghana.
I was "whining" about the way "follow-ups" to interesting reports and opinion pieces hardly occur in the Ghanaian media
It’s half past midnight, and a mini bus pulls up at the Ghana-Togo border at Aflao in the Ketu South District of the Volta Region.
The story is told of four brave men of Nyinahin whose desire to gather wealth was so strong they would break all the rules to get at what the Earth
Africa; the land of destiny, the land of hope, the land of rich culture, the land of wealth in natural resources and the origin of world civilization.
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