The Akans have thought-provoking saying closely translated in English that perchance a frog emerges from the stream and informs
Rather than licking his electoral defeat wounds in 2016 with genuine humility and come out with winnable strategies next time around
Electricity power is a "necessary evil" and it's a good servant but could be a bad Master if not managed well as Afram River can be electrified
Quite a number of people especially our friends in the NPP chose to commemorate December 7, since that was the day we voted
The processes leading to the elections of officers to man the activities of the party at the various structures and levels in the next four
Let us be honest, our cogitative elders are absolutely right on their proverbial expression: 'se obi anwowoa oni wo'
What is in a name? A whole lot, especially when it comes to naming a new church in the Pentecostal–Apostolic stream.
Pathetic in our permissive nation, is the escalating frequency and intensity with which some stubborn citizens disregard the country’s constitution
Suicide is fast becoming a quick fix to intolerable depression. While we try to preserve the only life we have; every one hour
Not too long ago I happened to be a guest to a public lecture on Mental Health at the auditorium of the Takoradi Technical University
Much as Ex-President Mahama was absolutely right for condemning the abhorrent and unbridled vigilantism in Ghana, he was, frankly speaking
President Kufuor, so to speak, exerted dint of critical thinking, worked assiduously for eight solid years, laid an auspicious economic foundation
The Ghana Education Service (GES) has just released 10,348 newly trained teachers from forty public and six private colleges of education
Nanung is one of the kingdoms within the Mole Dagbani and has Bimbilla as its head.
On Monday 29th May 2017, social media was flooded with reports of a purported thief that had been lynched in an obscured town in the Central Region
Education is a shared responsibility between us all - governments, schools, teachers, parents and private actors.
In the spirit of patriotism and the rule of law, I disapprove of the recent misconducts in Karaga, Sissala West, and all the others prior.
I am of the firm conviction that Ghanaians made a terrible mistake by voting NPP out in 2008 election, as Ghana, as a matter of fact and observation
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