They pontificate, they preach loudly, and they vent clamorously, often in sanctimonious degree, on how corruption is sinking or has sunk
I do not know how many people can live without money in this world. The level of respect accorded you is dependent on the bucks you control
There is this issue of licensing of teachers that has occupied the media space pushing off an important flagship program of the 'FREE SHS'.
I am called an ECOWAS citizen and I know I am indeed an ECOWAS citizen. I was even given an ECOWAS passport to confirm my new identity.
In part I, the issue of some illegal appointments made by the VC on injunction 'leave', that have duly been revoked by the Acting VC
"All the money you’re ever going to have is currently in the hands of someone else’s" - Earl Nightingale
The President of Ghana Flag Staff House Accra, Ghana. Dear Mr. President, I trust that this letter will meet you in good health.
Bad behavior in the workplace is contagious. But a new study suggests that pairing workers together can boost productivity and profits.
There is something happening to Ghanaweb these days. It is no longer the site we used to know a few years ago. It used to be better.
When the Vice-President, then candidate Dr Bawumia, warned of a looming calamity with the untenable perpetuity of some banks in the country
The government of His Excellency the President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, has declared with resolute determination
Folks, I have been enjoying the exchanges going on between Rawlings (and his supporters) and his opponents in the NDC.
What ingenuity! It is a show of utter love and dedication to be directly linked to the masses that brought the NPP to power
It is usually praiseworthy of people to think of starting a school. In fact, education is key to development.
Jewel Ackah is one musician who has entertained Ghanaians with his songs over the years and without a shadow of a doubt, one of the best musicians
GHANA has a number of laws to fight corruption, and all our governments have shown commitment in fighting the canker
The word 'found' simply means to originate or establish something. King Osei Tutu I is given credit as the founder of Asante Kingdom
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