Use of vaginal tightening drugs can cause infertility in women - Doctor
Published On : 2018-04-26 07:34:39
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 Gynacologist, Dr. Titus Beyou, has warned that the use of vaginal tightening drugs can cause infertility in women. The host of Rainbow Radio doctor was speaking to Kwame Tutu on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm.

He explained further that, the claims that such creams and drugs make the private part of women smell good are false. The use of such drugs rather increases infections in women because it is not helpful to use them.

The private part can be cleaned by itself and if you want to clean the place, you can only use water and not vaginal creams or drugs. He revealed that majority of cases of white reported at the hospital are as a result of vaginal creams and drugs.

He stressed that, some women have had to undergo operation for their private to be opened before they could sleep with men. ‘’You only need water and not creams or drugs.

The use of such creams will only cause infertility and infections in women,’’ he added. He was reacting to claims by actress Moesha Buodong that the use of vagina threatening creams was on the rise.

According to her, the women do so with the motive of giving their men “more pleasure” during sex.

“In Ghana, we like to please the men first that is why we use all these things to just make them enjoy the sex; we please our men before we think about ourselves”, Moesha disclosed. Dr. Beyou said at no point should a woman use a tightening cream.







Source: ghanaweb




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