My own people scheming the downfall of Mount Crest University College – Rector
Published On : 2017-10-30 08:50:31
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The Rector of Mount Crest University College, Kwame Ansa-Asare is alleging that persons who are supposed to be his relations are the very persons scheming the downfall of the Mount Crest University College Rector.



He mentioned the Executive Secretary of the National Accreditation Board Kwame Dattey and the Chief Justice Sophia Akuffo of determined to see the institution collapse.

“What hurts is that the Chief Justice Sophia Akuffo comes from Akropong and I come from Larteh and it appears that our own people are becoming our enemies. I will like you to convey this to the President”, he stated.



“Regrettably for one year now, Tech had been listening to Kwame Dattey, I will not say the National Accreditation Board. Please pardon me Hon rep and listen carefully.



The ban was placed because we had too many students and that we had admitted 400 students into this , they are less than 100 Tech did not come to carry out the verification exercise but they believed it and we received a letter from the Vice Chancellor we should call off the matriculation which was February last year”, he said .



According to him, representative of government failed to attend the matriculation at the weekend because of the information put out by the National Accreditation Board Kwame Dattey.He said the building here was in a deplorable state. Do you see that this building here is in a deplorable state”, he quizzed.



“The letter communicating the decision that we should not take more law students was communicated to us on the letter head by the current Chief Justice Sophia Akuffo with claims we do not have law books and lecture halls”, he indicated were all false.



The Rector vented his anger at the NAB Executive Secretary Kwame Dattey of placing a ban on his college from offering law programs on the base that they lacked logistics and infrastructure to undertake the programs.



Addressing the New 14 Council Members reconstituted with Eng. Kwame Abeasi, Vice Chancellor of KNUST as Chairman of the Council Members at the 7th Matriculation & 3rd Congregation ceremony held at Larteh, in the Akuapam North municipality of the Eastern Region he insisted that the institution is well placed to offer law programmes in the country. 






Source: Mynewsgh




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