Published On : 2017-07-28 06:23:03
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 There was a mild drama at Area M Command, Idimu, Lagos as man begged his female neighbour to allow his teenage son to have S3@.x:’ with her teenage daughter to test his manhood over allegation of his missing Pen.!s.



The female neighbour asked the man what will happen if in the course of his son testing with her daughter and gets her pregnant since the boy is not old enough to marry.


The boy’s father could not respond as he had said he did not want his son to do the test with S3@.x:’ workers to know if his Pen.!s was still working.


This threw those present into serious amusement and laughter.


A middle age man identified as Taoheeb was arrested over an allegation by the boy that the suspect touched him and his Pen.!s got missing.


The suspect was attacked due to the alarm raised by the boy before the police rescued him and took to the station.


The alleged Pen.!s disappearance happened at Idimu area where the boy had contact with the suspect along the road before he was arrested and taken to the Command.


At the Police Command, the suspect denied ever taking the victim’s Pen.!s and swore that he was prepared to suffer any punishment if it was discovered that he took the boy’s Pen.!s.


However, police sources said the boy’s Pen.!s shrinked and he didn’t experience erect!on probably out of fear.


P.M.EXPRESS gathered that the drama really started when a suggestion was made for the boy to go and test his manhood with S3@.x:’ workers but her parents said it was against their faith and beside the boy was still young to be exposed to such thing.


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It was then that the father called his female neighbour aside and pleaded with her to allow his son to have S3@.x:’ with her daughter in order to confirm that his Pen.!s was still working.


P.M.EXPRESS gathered that after the boy’s father could not answer the question posed by his female neighbour, he eventually took his son home and did not return to the station.


When the police waited for the boy’s parents to report back to the station and they did not, the police released the suspect who was nearly mobbed as a result of the alarm raised by the boy


Source: Enterghana





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