I mistook the 50 written on Asamoah Gyan's cake to be his age -Lilwin
Published On : 2017-06-16 04:42:43
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 Popular movie actor, Kwadwo Nkansah ‘Lilwin’ says Black Stars captain Asamoah Gyan, is a grown man.


Asamoah Gyan was at Accra based Joy FM on Thursday night for a radio interview.


Joining in the celebration of Gyan’s 50th goal milestone for the national team at the studio of the radio station, Nkansah in his usual comic character, said he mistook the 50 which had been written on a cake to be Gyan’s real age.


This was because, to him, birthdays are noted for celebrating with cakes, since a cake cannot be used for any other celebration including burials, he sarcastically said.


Adding, he said he initially thought Asamoah Gyan was in his 30s as it had widely been reported, but when he saw the 50 on the cake, he was taken aback, and was convinced that could be Gyan’s real age.


When it was explained to Lilwin that the 50 on the cake represented the goals Gyan had scored for the national team, he congratulated him and said the milestone was not an easy achievement, since many other world class players have not been able to achieve a similar feat.


There are concerns many footballers deliberately reduce their ages on paper so as to be able to cheat during youth tournaments and hence have to cope with their ‘fake’ ages throughout their playing career.



Source: Ghanaweb





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