No one can prevent people from breaking your hearts at some stage in your life, these things happen but the process of forgetting and assimilating that is over, is the most complicated of the situation, and even more so if you still feel love for that person who simply does not want to be with you anymore.
When a woman gets to the stage where marriage seems to be the single most important thing in the universe, the doors of temptation fling wide open. Patience, grace, and feminine mystique are put to the ultimate test.
Drinking more water delivers useful products and clears waste products while functioning essentially in nearly all major organ systems of the body.
Entrepreneurs are decision-makers. They take decisions on the path or direction to drive their business.
Have you ever had that gut feeling that something just isn't right, but you just couldn't pinpoint it? That normally is God's way of letting us know that you are not headed in a direction you will be happy with long-term.
This was contained in a new study called the "relationship between sexual position and severity of penile fracture"
If a man truly loves a woman there are some things he will be able willingly; so ladies, if a man does the below listed things then a truly loves you.
Nipples can alert you or give you clues about some potential health issues including breast cancer. Thus, take note of these things about them.
It may seem as if this won't stop anytime soon. Racists and racism, on field tracks, it seems the white F1 cars always would win
Just because you're pregnant doesn't mean you have to put away the dumbbells and tennis shoes for the next nine months.
One of the biggest challenges in life is to make sure we are living out God's will and not our own.
In kidney disease, the kidneys can not work adequately, thus leading to a myriad of symptoms.The following are the common symptoms of kidney disease in men.
Your personal brand is your calling card for attracting like-minded people who will believe in your message. Whether you are a freelancer, startup or you just received your first round of financing, the effort you put into your personal brand directly affects how others perceive the value of your business.
Clean teeth is a sign of good health as well as confidence.
Naughty women are go-getters
Research shows that the practice could be putting you at serious risk.
One thing ladies find so attractive is when you open up to them about your feelings, insecurities, problems, dreams, and goals.
You now spend more time on your makeup than usual and more conscious of what to wear when you are around him.
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